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1) Constructive or divergent Two plates are moving apart from each other. New magma rises to the surface to Fill the gap and cools to form basalt. Lava forms volcanoes and rift valleys.

2) Destructive or convergentTwo plates are movingtowards each Other. Usually an oceanic plate sinks below the other and it is destroyed in The subduction zone. Sediments on The sea bed between the two plates are compressed and folded to form the World’s highest mountain ranges.The friction from the plate movement makes the Rocks melt and this produces volcanoes. Earthquakes are frequent since the Ground shakes from the forced movement of rock.

3) ConservativeTwo plates move Against each other. This may be in the same direction but at different Speeds. Stress built up causes sudden plate movements. Friction caused by rock Rubbing against rock forms earthquakes.

Earthquakes Negative Impacts on people

 The shockwaves have damaged buildings, pillars Supporting bridges and roads collapse, people are killed or injured.

Primary and Secondary effects Primary effects are those caused by the earthquake shock itself.Secondary effects are those that happen in the Minutes, hours and days after the earthquake.

Volcanoes AdvantagesMinerals: Large deposits of sulphur near the crater.Geothermal Power: using steam from the hot ground to drive turbines and generate electricityHeating: For homes and offices and for glasshouses, for growing food and vegetables.Tourism: there are many attractions for visitors, such as geysers, hot springs and mud pools.

Negative Impacts on people People living on the volcano’s slopes can be In great danger. Most dangerous volcanos erupt suddenly without warning.People are killed by:Rocks, Volcanic bombs and ash, since they may rain on top of them.Lava Flows can be so fast that people don’t have time to movePoisonous Gases and fumes may drift over populated areas.Heat May melt snow on mountain tops, which sets off mud flows that sweeps houses and People away.

Volcanoes Can give some warning signs, such as:temperature Increases in the crater.increased Amounts of steam and gases come out the cratersmall Earthquake shocks felt in surrounding areas.

Earthquakes:The size of an earthquake affects the amount Of destruction and the number killed. There other factors:the Number of people living close to the epicenterthe Quality of construction of buildingshow well prepared the people and emergency services are

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