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The use of Black British English 

West Indian Creole (sometimes called “patois” or “nation language”) o It evolved from the language of slaves, who were forced to learn English but who did so while retaining some of the grammatical structures of their own African languages. O It is often derided by many British as “broken English”, or as worthy only of comic expression. O Black English is the language of choice of many Black British writers.

Main themes o Childhood  Aims: To show the traumas experienced by the Black British child. O Old age  Aims: To portray the reality of aging for the immigrant in the UK. O Return to the Homeland  Aims:  To portray the difficulties, impossibilities of returning to the Homeland.  To analyse the psychological factors that mistakenly make the Black British child associate their parents’ homeland with their true home.

History Aims:  To revisit and rewrite history addressing the ills associated with black historical misrepresentations.  To provide a greater understanding of Black British history as it relates to Britain’s contemporary relationship with blacks.

o Identity, Home, Belonging  Aims:  To explore the ways in which these writers negotiate their identities, the ways in which they work out their attachment to their places of origin and to Britain.  To explore their idea of “Home” as the place where they belong, where they are at ease, culturally speaking.

Language  Aims:  To explore Black Britons’ problematic belonging to the English language.  To examine the subversive possibilities of using Black English.  To explore cultural hybridity.

o Celebration of hybridity  Aims:  To deconstruct the assumption that there can be a unified national identity.  To bring to the fore the doubleness or double-voiced structures which are constitutive of the diaspora experience.

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