Five valency patterns

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Verb patterns( verbs followed by the gerund or infinitive);GERUND: admit, avoid, be worth(valer), can´t help, can´t stand, carry on, deny, enjoy, fancy, feel like, finish, give up, keep, look forward to, imagine, involve, mind, miss, postpone, practice, recommend, regret, risk, spend, stop, suggest.

INFINITIVE(WITH TO): afford(permitirse), agree, appear, arrange, be able, can't wait, choose, decide, deserve, expect, happen, help, hesitate(vacilar), hope, learn, make, manage, offer, plan, pretend, promise, refuse, seem, teach, tend, threaten, want, would like. INFINITIVE(WITHOUT TO): can, may, might, must, should, could, had better, would rather(preferiría), make, let.

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