Variation diafasica

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Variation diafásica: linguistic registers are called variations of the language that occurs depending on the components of the use situation. It uses the concept of linguistic competence to refer to the availability of resources and language strategies and discourse that has the speaker of a language when you use the proper registration in different situational contexts possible. The relationship of records considered the most common colloquial, common kestrel, the scientific-technical, the juridicoliterari and journalism. Many linguists are standard adds, but for the qualities that presents should be considered also in treating a variety of fields of diatopia.
Linguistic diversity and linguistic regulation standard is a standard language variety that has been created with a high level of Encodingto serve as standard of reference models to all users of this language and for the public sector. Existence of a standard language that facilitates there is an awareness of linguistic and a positive perception of this variety lies llengua.Sobre social convention to be the more linguistically correct. Necssitat have satisfied the rules compartides.El language standardization process is to establish rules for use of the standard variety.

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