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mrs foster main charac:has no given name or no age.She is modest,nervous,neurotic,disciplined,oppressed,unhappy and suffering.She is obsessed with never being late.She is beginning to realize that he is tormenting her.Rich bullying intensitive.

antagonist,mr foster:he knows she will be hysterical if he is late so he is late on porpose.He likes watching her to see if her eye starts twitching.He shows no love for his family.They have an unhappy marriage and dysfunctional couple.
suspense:mrs foster is going to paris to visit her daughter, the plane was bombed because of the fog and it is uncertain whether she will make it.Finally she leaves knowing her husband is in danger but spends a great time in paris.Conflict and climax: she is hysterical about being late and is terrorized by her husband who is always be late in porpose, he did it when shes leaving for paris.Climax is when mrs foster freezes at the front of the door to listen to a souund she is completely changed person after that,when in paris knows her husband was in dangerous but pretends not to know.title:refer to mrs foster hapiness and freedom at the end of the story or maybe the title reflects mr fosters death.Places
happy ending?For mrs foster yes because she is finally free to do what she wants.Mrs foster-dynamic character(changes)in paris she feels wonderful,strong,cool,calm and when she arrives home she feels satisfied.Mr foster-static character he always have the same perosnality and doesnt change.

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