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Postmodern cultural creators: post modern cultural elite,

American lesbian woman are married. The are devoted to the high arts. They Belong to a small elite they are the airs of this guy they turned high culture Into another thing. They are putting forth new forms of family unite new fashions And styles Susan Suntag.

Andy Warhol is designed to be massed produced designed to be seen on Computer screens compared to Conde Orgaz. Conde it is designed to be put in a Church in Toledo.  People like Andy took the Principles of Annie and Susan talking for an elite they are not about a mass Market and then a second tire of people like Andy filtering to the mass. Andy Turned the common into high. Andy became accessible because we are all familiar With the components of the art we all know Marlin and Tomatos and he tries to Make it beautiful and special.

Steven tries to do the same things. His films are designed to be massed produced. Steven tries to do the same thing as Andy tries to take the common and elevate It.  Kurt Cobein he killed himself Because he couldn’t handle the authenticity. Steven puts his talent at the Service of an industry. When they take the pictures they are thinking of the Beauty of the picture itself. Steven money is at the forefront it is the point, Hollywood is an industry, Steven. Post modernity we want authenticity and we Are trying to have problems with it.

Jonathan Littell literary approach to the Holocaust it is very implicit. The officers were selected from humanities the shoot Jews in the Eastern front. Auschwitz killed an entire civilization. From there we moved to post modernity And now we are looking at the twilight of post modernity and we are looking for Something else. Post modern criticism of technology is about inner killing the Search for instant pleasure and permanent happiness, eliminating death leads to A phase of permanent highness, killing the individual, and appendix of the Market. Conclusion II bull fighting modernity and post modernity pushed death Away the bulls are so irrelevant.

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