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Which of the following is a physical quantity mag no dir. = Scalar

Which of the following is a physical quanitity that both mag and di.=vector
Which of the following is a examp. Of a vector quanitity= velocity
Identify the following quanit.  mass.Numberofleaves.Windvelocity.=SSV.
D=A-B+C? 2 
An ant on a picnic table travels 3.0x10^1 east then 25cm north = 29cm
In a coordinate system a vector is oriented at angle= CosTheta.
How many dis. Vectors shown in the horizontal comp. =4
How many disp. Vectors have comp that lie along y-axis and point neg.=2
Which disp. Vectors shown in the figure above = neg vertical comp=d2&d5
find the resultant of the two vec. =248units,53.9 north of east.
Which of the following doesw not exhbit parbolic=stonethrownintolake.
A track star in the long jump at 12m/s and launches herself at 20.0= 9.2m

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