Verb wiht the past tense and past participle

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Unit 6:

·Can/be able to + infinitive verb

·should/ ought to/ had better

·need to/ have to/ must

·should have + past participle

·need have

·must have

·could/ may/ might have

Unit 7:



·suggest (ing, suggest, that+should)

·would Rather (preferiria q otro haga algo

·would prefer + to

Unit 8:

·0. General truthàpresent+present

·1. Possible in futureàpresent+will

·2. Unlikely futureàpast+would

·3. Possible events in past that didnt Happenà Past perfect+would have+ p. Participle

Have get+something+past participle

Unit 9:

·p. Simpleà be+past Participle

·p. Continousàbe+ing+p. Participle

·p. Perfectàhave+been+p. Participle

·futureà will+be+p. Participle

·modalsàmodal+be+p. Participle

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