Verb wiht the past tense and past participle

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Reported speech: tense change

DIrect Speech -----------------              Reported speech.
Presente simple-He said ' I wachTV---- past simple-he said he watched TV    
Present continuos- 'I am waching TV--- past continuos- he was watching TV
Present perfect simple I have watched TV---past perfect simple- he had wached TV
Past simple-'I wached TV----past perfect- he had wached TV
Will-'I will wach TV--- would he would wactch TV
Can- I can watch TV-----Could 'Iwould watch TV
Must-- I must watch TV---Have to- He had to watch- 
Reported speech: reporting verbs
verb  -------------------------------- reported speech form        
declare suggest explain insist say recommened: ver+ that clause
invite order tell: verb+object+ to + ininitivo
agree offer proomise: verb+ to+ infinitive
apologize suggest. Verb+ gerund.        

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