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Victorian England (1837-1901)
-Trade free trade.
Merchant-marine fleet.
Liberal +-system power to the bourgeoisie
They set the laws and Acts (1832-1885)
1 Reform 1832 Parliament rural seats are removed 2 groups: liberal conservative.
2nd add sectors to the 1867 Reform vote.
3rd Reform 1884 universal male suffrage,
Matches liberalists-vote workers.
The parliament refused self-government in Ireland. Nationalism appeared. They were given aid to immigrants. GM 1 after 1914, Britain Irish independence.
English colonial empire
ObjetivoING preserve, expand empires, all countries wanted the same areas there are frictions that give rise to the GM 1
England in the 1st colonial power
In 1850 control of trade routes
establishments African Coast "slaves"
plantation colonies "tropical fruit"
colonies of white settlement and exploitation.
Poor harvests in 1882 forced to emigrate Other factors
Colonies of settlement was self-government. Domestic Policy Policy Governor General English parliament.
Indian expanding colonies, raw materials. Sepoy Revolt of 1858.

Colonization of Asia
France, England and Holland for Southeast Asia.
"England and Russia for Central Asia
-US and Spain for control of the Philippines
"Japan and Russia for control of China.
'The British are developed in Central and South Asia.
"The French are focused on Indochina.
"China was not occupied by any country.
Scramble for Africa
Early nineteenth century, Europeans only had coastal factories and small colonies.
"In the 2nd half of XIX century is explored Africa to learn their geography.
-From 1870-1880 England and France took to the conquest.
-British Project: Connecting North and South railways. Obtain mineral-rich territories and strategic value.
French, Project: Control all from East to West and North Africa.

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