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Verboids: infinitive (endings ar, er, ir) participle: (ado, ido) gerund (ando, endo). The verboids are verb forms ending which gives information about people, grammar, tense and mood. Phrasal verbs! verb phrases are constructions consisting of a conjugated verb (indicating person, number and time) plus a verboid (which is the core of significance) sometimes interacts as a preposition between them. verbal phrase perform the functions of the verb. when in a sentence, a verb phrase is analyzed as a single verbal nucleus. Classes: the compound tenses are constructed with the verb to have + a participle. Ex: They have gone, had left, was gone, I leave, I would have. The Passive voice: It is constructed with conjugating the verb to be plus a past participle: Ex: The residents occupied the house, passive voice: the house was occupied by the residents.

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