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VERBOS CON ING: care, choose, help, swear, intend, (can´t bear), begin, start, hesitate, force, order, warn,advice, hate, persuade, allow, prefer, ask, intnd, recommend, beg, invite, teach, expect, oblige, want, forbid like, love, hate, enjoy, miss, feel like, mind, finish, risk, Practise, put off, stop, suggest, can’t help, fancy, admit, deny, give up, Imagine, keep (on), put off (postpone), spend time, can’t stand, delay, regret, Avoid, consider, involve, go on (=continue). VERBOS CON TO:would like, want, need, decide, hope, arrange, expect, plan, Forget, seem, appear, wish, promise, offer, refuse, learn, manage, afford, Agree, fail, tend, happen, mean, prepare, pretend, threaten, attempt, admit, enjoy, give up, mind, avoid, postpone, carry on, imagine,delay, feel like, involve, deny, forgive, keep, stop, suggest.

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