Verbos y modales utilizados en el futuro perfecto

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DEFINING(dan info relevante): Things(which,that) / time (when) / people (who,that) / possession ( whose) / Places(where)

-London, which is the capital of england, is one of the largest city of the world.

NONDEFINING:(dan info extra): who which where whose when

-This is the dress which my mother has made for me.


Talking about the present both wish and if only are followed by the past simple tense.

talking about the pass: Both wish and if only are followed by the past perfect tense.

Wish/if only and would

We use wish + would to talk about something in the present that we would like to change – usually something that we find annoying.

conectores: and (y) also too in adition additionally further furthermore moreover (2ult además)

conectores de secuencia: to begin fisrt second third next then finally last

conectores de comparacion: similarly likewise vorrespondingly also equally.

conectores de contraste: however yet on the other hand nevertheless (sin embargo ) even so though instead

PRESENT.CONTI: am i going , are you going

PRESENT INDI: was he going

presente perfecto: have we gone?

pre perf conti: has she been going

prete perf: had you gone

pret perf conti: has she been going

futuro simple;: will they go?

future continuos will you be going ?

future perfect will they have gone

futuro perf continuo: will she have been going

verbos modales should i go

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