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Bargain:synonym do business Brand name:

nationally known brand-name food products.

Customer:client Discount:reduction Genius:

brilliance Image:vision Luxury item:object

which is very valuable Passer-by: A group of

passers-by formed around the Accident victim

Price tag:is where you can see the price

Rip-off:an act of stealing or cheating.

Status symbol:for example an expensive car and

fancy clothes Fit:befitting Ignore:overlook

Recognise:identify Try on:have a fitting

Attached:attribute Brand-new:Her brand-new car

was stolen the first day she Drove it Fake:false

Grateful:apreciative Outstanding:exceptional

Overpriced:expensive Second-hand:I prefer to

buy Second-hand clothes Sensible:rational

Talented:artistic Upset:disconcerted

Useful:helpful Well made: a well-made sofa

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