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Costumes:traje / dances:bailes / food:comidas/ drinks:tragos / monuments:monumentos/ Currency:moneda / flag:bandera /  lenguage:lenguaje/ capital city:ciudad capital / holidays:festivos 

Anited states of ameria:american / russia:russian / argentina:argentinian /japan:japanese/   south Africa:south African / mexico:mexicon / China:Chinese / france:French / England:English/ brazil:Brazilian /spain:spanich /germany:german / Egypt:Egyptian / Australia:Australian 

Caporeira is traditional dance from brazil / mamuschka Is a traditional gome from Russia / this picture is a traditional weddina from Egypt / bull fighting is a traditional from spain/ zumo is a gigont ´s dance Japanese /tango is a traditional dance from argentinian / tacos is a traditional food from mexico /bierfest is a traditional holidays From germany / this traditional iustrument is from Australia

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