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Hi Ana,

I´m so excited you´re coming to visit at the weekend! I´ve planned a lot of things for us to do around Torrevieja.
On your first day, i´m going to take you to the "Salinas de Torrevieja" because it is a type of lake with pink water and it is amazing.In the afternoon,we are going to have lunch at my best friend´s house. In the evening, we´re going to go for a walk around Torrevieja and we can visit different places such as the promenade, the beach,the church and the theatre.
Finally,we´re going to have dinner at an Italian restaurant.
I´ll keep the plans for the second day a secret fot now... But if you like swimming,you´ll have a great time!
Looking forward to seeing you! Torrevieja is a great city. I´m sure you won´t be bored for a minute.

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