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Conscipcuous: attracting other's people attention
Vacated: left
Burglary: the crime of breaking into a building and stealing
Blot out: cover, hide
Christ's College: University college
Rusticated: sent away from college
Conked: hit
Grappling: struggling
Prowling: patrolling
Gaping: open, looking large and comfortable
Stoutly: strongly
Itch: finish
Wire basket: metal basket used to carry shopping 
Quick till: checkout point where customers with fewer than ten items pay
Drums of bleach: huge containers full of liquid chemical substance
See-through tray: polystyrene to proctect vegetables or fruit
Stuff: salad cream:
Hemmed in: tightly surrounded by other customers in the queue
Conveyor belt: moving belt that carries items forward to the till
J. Sainsbury: chain of British supermarkets
Fish fingers: frozen fish cut in thin slices and covered with breadcrumbs
Bookstand: frame where books are shown for sale
Hardback: book with a stiff cover
Dejectedly: in a casual way
Firing: asking one question after another in quick succession
Processed kind: precooked
Pinpoint: make evident
Aloneness: loneliness
Totalled up: foun the total amount
Stack: pile

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