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This is the Mary Grant who is my chemistry class

Is John the man about whom you were talking about?
I'm looking forward to Thursday when Erin is arriving
We went on the tour that you recomended
This phone, wich is the cheapest, doesn't have a camera

This breed of dog, wich we don't recomend, can be agressing
My grandmother used to sin me songs which I still remember
Amy got married in 2004 when she was 25 years old
Zack is an engineer who desing tunnels
Tom, whose parents are doctors, wants to be a doctor

There are some new staff members with whome I haven't worked yet
There are some new staff menbers whon I havent's worked with yet
I finally recived the book for wich I had been waiting
I finally recived the book (which) I had been waiting wich for

When the DVD player brokedown, were watchin the film
I've been having problems with my computer wich is quiete old
Linsday told me about the shop where she usually buys her clothes
James, to whom it is difficult to win an arguments, is a clever man
James, whom it is difficult to win an argumentsto, is a clever man

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