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Camera work= (high/low angles to show dominance/inferiority,point of view/over the shoulder to encorage the audience to identify with the character,camera movement to suggest the character is fast paced,anxious..Etc,two shots to emphasize the relationship between characters,zoom for emphasis,close-ups for emotion/reaction,long/establishing shots to show setting/costume) Establishing shot,master shot(position in a scene),close-up,mid-shot,long shot,wide shot,two-shot(two people),aerial shot,point of view shot,over the shouder shot,high angle,low angle,canted angle,pan,tilt(camera up/down),track,crane,steadicam,hand-held(efecto tembloroso),zoom,reverse-zoom. Editing= (contrasting characters or settings,creating links between characters or settings,showing us what a character is looking at,showing us what a character is thinking about) Cutting,shot/reverse shot,eyeline match,graphic match(similar link or colour linking two consecutive shots),action match(cutting to show another angle of the scene),jump cut(cutting out the middle section of a shot),crosscutting(cutting back and for between two or more scenes happening simultaneously),dissolve,fade out/fade in(the image fades out to a blank screen,or fades in from a blank screen),superimposition(one image is placed on top of another image),slow motion,long take. Sound=(the language and accent of a character,use of music can tell you about the character,ambient sounds can tell you about the setting)Diegetic(originating from a source in the scene),non-diegetic(sound of piece of music associated with a character,place or theme),sound bridge(sound linking the end of one scene and the begining to the next),dialogue,voiceover,direct address(actor speaking directly to the camera),sound mix,ambient sound. Mise-en-scene= (what the character wear,where the scene is taking place and how it appears,props can signify information about characters,lightning connotes certain meanings about characters) Location,set design,costume,make up,props(objets used in scene),high key lighting(bright lightning),low key lightning(dark lighting).

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