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                                         SOCIL NETWORKS 
Thousands of teenagers post on social networks ks every day. In fact, it has become the  most popular way for them to communicate. Why is it so popular, and has it had a positive effect on teenagers; lives? Firstly social networks are a quick, easy and cheap way to tell your friends your news. You can post photos and weblinks, and share music and video clips. You can combine it with other computer activities. C There are negatives, too. A lot of friends' aren't friends at all. If you aren't careful, you'll share personal information with complete strangers. What s more, some people might only socialise online and not develop good social skills. I think social media has had a positive effect on teenagers' lives because it helps them to communicate quickly and cheaply. It also helps them to maintain relationships and make new friend

                                                     HOW MAKE FRIENDS
think carefully about making a good impression. You should dress in clothes you feelcomfortable in but nothing too extreme! 3 Never sit alone at the back of the class. Always tryto sit with other people in class or in the canteen You might be nervous, but make sure you'renice to people, and 5 don't be rude. Smile, and try to look interested. Stay positive andyou'll soon make friends

Tweet. T text message. Facebook update: actualización
Chatting: chatear. Phone calle: llamada. Skype call: llamada de skipe
Blog post: blog. Bulling: abuso getting a prize: obtener un premio wearing a uniform: llevar
Getting detention: castigado. Cheating: trampas. Being punctual: inpuntual
Following the dress code.Writing line . Being rude: enfadado.
Getting good marks : buenos resultados. Rubber: goma bricks: ladrillos
Leather: cuero. Cement: cemento. Wood: madera

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