Vocabulary 100 Years of Solitude

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Colorful disturbed, troubled, confused
Absorbed: brooding, pensive, abstracted
Urgent: urgent, immediate, urgent
Troubled: distressed, distressed, distressed
Neglect: neglect, negligence, laziness
Chipped: deteriorated, damaged, destroyed
Pellucid: clear, crystalline, light
Clear up: clear, let up, rid
Skinny: thin, thin, weak
Stoicism: comfort, serenity and firmness
Lg n ot os: unexplored, unknown, unknown
Undaunted: brave, bold, bold
Relentless: inexorable, unflappable, unyielding
Unwary: naive, gullible, innocent
Inevitable: inescapable, irrevocable, inevitable

Iniquity: corruption, infamy, injustice
Unfathomable: inscrutable, mysterious, recondite
Intransigence: intolerance, obstinacy, stubbornness
Clouded: dazed, dogged, obsessed
Opprobrium: reproach, disgrace, dishonor
Parsimony: calm, slow, meticulous
Stunned: shocked, shocked, stupefied
Deleterious: harmful, harmful, injurious
Reluctance: reserve, restraint, prudence
Stealth: hidden, secret, furtive
Raised: caused, provoked, motivated
Succumbed: died, perished, perished
Trashumante: move cattle
Tremulous: trembling, agitated, nervous
Zozobra: grief, anger, grief

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