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- Full Stop: Rating Marking the end of a deed. The third score gave Full Stop the issue. - Handbag: Small Bag for carrying money. My mother always carried a handbag with little money. - Means: A met had of doing. Used a good method -Means- to achieve this. - Mobile Phone: A phone that you can carry around with you. Yesterday, I bought a Mobile Phone very Modern. - Motorway: A wide road, built for fast traffic. I saw a black car in the Motorway. - Panel: A square or Rectangular piece of Metal that forms part of a door. The panel of the door was broken. - Pavement: A hard flat area at the side of the road for people to walkon. The pavement on this street is broken. - Point: A particular position, place or moment. It was at that point that the shot was fired. - Printer: A machine that prints out information a computer on to paper. I am not my printer prints either paper. - Rhyming Slang: Special language of some people. I do not understand whet they speak to lawyns in their Rhyming Slang. -Rubbish: Things that you do not want any more. I found rotten food in the Rubbish. - Table Manners: Behavious that is considered correct, in a table. In worker had a very correct in the table Manners. - Tin: A close metal container in which food, paint, etc…. is stored and sold. I bought in a supermarket food with Tin. - Toilet: The room containiry a large bowl with a seat. In my house there is a seat for the toilet. - Website: A place where a company, etc…. has information about itself on the world wide Web. The Website is Reported.

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