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enlarge, frame(marc), hang(penjar), print,save to hard drive, take//artist, brush, bust, easel(cavallete), gallery, model, paint, palette, pedestal, portfolio, sculptor, sculpture// make a choice, a commitment, an announcement, an impact, the grade// do a part-time job, someone a favour, your best//extended family, bride(novia), groom(novio), teammates, partner(socio), best man, bridesmaid(dama), colleagues, relative(familiar), nuclear family, parents// leader, introvert, ally(aliado), extrovert, follower, enemy//time travel, microwave, android, solar-powered car, black hole, precognition, mp3 player, relativity, smartphone, the Big Bang//astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, geology, mathematics, medicine, meteorology, physics, zoology

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