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juntadurazkoa. emendiozkoak: and. hautakariak: or, or. opponents: but. expressions. donkeys and mules in life and you think that blowing puzkerra ere.praketan kabitu be incapable of being-in-pulp puztu.esne excessive heat izan.zalditik donkey walk loss of heaven and doom-jaitsi.burua txapeta buy big-name .. probably see little dirt-covered gutxi.zikin zaiona.sator in silence-we do-gauzak.tonto plantarik agitea.sorgin purpila-end is not stupid. vocabulary. ie / cold: noise / low temperature. Log in / growth: the end of the opposite / expand. Hats / fingers. artu breath / fingers. falls / jumps. fall / jump. Add / undressed. add / remove clothing. row / herrenka. queue / kojoka walk. desperate / tomorrow. desesperatu / next day. your / you. flame / second person. View / wash. Check / clean. identified / detected. noticed / taken. Yesterday / Atso. Day / old woman. damage / season. break / become good. ahitu / akitu. End / tired.

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