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abacus-box with 10 alambrs d xays and 10 balls on each wire xa aprndr counting.

abbot (f.abadsa)-d 1 monastrio or suprior Abbey

beads-glass beads or beads d d little value acr agujradas xa coyars or similars.

qs-abngado sacrifices x prsna other / Sox 1 Idal

rnunciar to abdicate-may (the r abdicated)

avid-greedy. q muxa dsa something with force. knowledge d avid, avid D may

KITAR abolish the 1st-ly (sa l was abolished)

aborign-primitive country abitante d 1. / plant or animal-aborign original place q dl viv.

bbr d-dar abrvar livestock / abrvadro: stanq, river or rcipient where s abrva livestock.

abrupt-Scarpa, d difficult accso / violnto, sharp

djar absolvr Book D-1 accused blames (the Prso was acquitted)

bacula-rod or stick xa sostnrs / lq use ls bishops

clapper-piece golpal qs mtalica with bells intrior d ls

background-ekipaj d ekipaj military or travel / cultural backgrounds-everything the 1st q prsna Sat, to2 their knowledge.

imxtancia little baladi-d (s the 1st custion baladi)

ablar stutter-lr or difficult, without changing qs misunderstand or LTRAs.

beacon-fixed or mobile phone Snal xa xa qs put orientars

ame q-shaven beard or not has little.

q-substance serves barbituric SDAR xa, xa q in excso s trankilizar toxic

caciq-dl abused prsna Podr q q tien

scaffold platform or platform-pna d xa ejcutar muert

calculation-account Matmata / stone pqña

copious-abundant. nvada copious cna copious, copious booty, copious cosx

xa-belt holster and bullets yevar Cartuxa

candle-vla / utnsilio xa candlro-mantnr drxa the vla

candle-light lampariya xa d ACIT

dclar pope canonized saint-or difficult for someone

xaski2 d crpitar-mother to ardr

cannon-step strxo x 1 river where it runs high mountains of effect 2

capicua-(123321, 141, 22,522 ...)

Dalton alg1s colors confuses prsna q

prsna victim-qa rcibido 1 large damage colctivo (ls x ls damnifica2 inundacions numrosos sn)

q-something dantsco orror cause or spanto

drugging-the 1st KITAR l (eg l and s sa druggie)

d-KITAR drrocar place someone x force (drrocaron to ry)

dsaliño, without asso-dsaliñado poorly vstido

diabts-enfrmdad: excso d blood sugar (diabetics)

10Mar-the 1st cause great mortality. eg ls 10maron to population wars

Otherwise diligncia-d the PRZA eg s the 1st prsna dilignt

-sweetened sweeten / sweetening matter

qs efmrid-acontcimiento ImxtanT rcuerda in anivrsario

efimro-pasajro, d short duration (life efimra s)

q-poem elgi Yora the muert d someone

q tienlocuencia eloquent, s DCIR, ease xa ablar

emblsado-star gaping x something qt gusta muxo

emulate: mimic someone admires kien s

q-scribl encyclical letter Pope to their Feels

encourage someone exhorts-aq dj d acr aga or something.

praise-praise, praise, exalt (confrnciant exalt the figure d jovyanos)

Stolen-piece as a d d tla sacrdot s scarf placed xa ql clbrar Mass

feasible-q s can acr (s plan s feasible)

false-misleading, untrue, mntiroso. proms falacs / argumnto s-s fallacy fallacy the 1st.

farfuyar-entndrs ablar very dprisa without anything

Faris-prsna false and ipocrita

q-prsna philanthropist helps dsintrsadam umana.

flabby-loose, soft, without consistncia
-exo with sumptuous luxury and drroxe d riqza. lavish wedding
q-prsna fratricidal kills 1 ermano
glare-rsplandor, briyantz (rlampago the glow d 1)

sneak-a scondidas / poacher

flatter, flatter. ql 1 DCIR things agradn (Alagoas)

Arago-a-bum (Aragano-vaguear)

ARAP-old and worn clothes. (synonym: rag) arapiento: Arapos prsna vist q

asti-boredom / star asti arto d-bored or something

Azana-action eroica

ecatomb-dsgracia in muern q muxas prsnas

ediondo-q uel very bad / rpugnant


emrotca-qs bibliotca stored in priodicos

-q idolatrous worship idols / love muxo a 1a prsna

idiosyncrasy-caractr, d 1 indiv own features. or colct.

indito-new dsconocido / non published

igno-d-fireproof fire, ignition

indmn - q rcibido not lsion or damage / Ilso

dreamer-dreamer ingnuo

prev 1-q Impavido pligro trankilo prmanc without inmutars

starvation, lack d dbilidad x alimntos

not with impunity q x 1 Dlitos rcibido punishment or lack

incipient-q starts. eg. incipient catarrh has 1

invoke-yamar for help, aid (to God)

jactars-prsumir something excsivamnt d / vainglorious boasts ex-prsna qs. raul s boasts muxa mmoria d TNR

qs-cualkier trappings adornment Cabaye put a ls / harness 1 Cabaye

jamba-the 2 pieces vrticals to ls la2 d 1A q vntana door or sostiennl dintl

rigging, ropes, lines d 1 ship

jasper-marble with sales / jasper-jackets or Vtas

d-set jauria prros

colxon d jrgon-straw

d-lnguaj spcial jrga certain profsions or trades

jiron-pdazo dsgarrado d 1 vstido or other clothing

I q-wage worker wins 1 x each day d work


servant-servant / srvil, rastrro (in sntido pyorativo)

sealing-Erire, injure, knock / lacrant-irient

laconically laconica or stilo prsna brv laconically, concise, q + s not what strictamnt December ncsario

lay-q s not rligioso example. ursing secular

Dbilas debilitated, tired / low enrgia

Lewd-lust. Q approaches aptitos carnals ls

ejcutar linx-sospxoso without trial at 1 x part d 1A crowd / linxamiento

lind-1 trritorio limit of effect and another. adjoin-star alongside ex otherwise. beautiful home with mine. stan bordering both. eg. his attitude borders on xulria

lv-Danger, soft / lvmnt-suavmnt example. lack lv

lb-1iform q yevan alg1s cria2. eg. ls ds otl xtros pounds yevan

xa-TXT librt ERMISSION sr sung in 1a or musical opra

darkly sad, funbres, gloomy

brothel, whorehouse

macro-sumrgiendolo soften something solid in LIKIDO


Assassination, killing someone very powerful (King, president ...)

Mitigate-soften something negative, ie lower alleviate pain, suffering. Ex must mitigate the effects of the crisis. >

Thick rope-rope

Exhibit figurehead placed on the bow of the boat

Mast-mast of a ship. Any club that holds something (flag, tent ...)

Matriarchy-social organization in which the command belongs to the female (matriarch) Ex That family is a matriarchy

Maecenas person who sponsors or supports the artists. Ex Renaissance popes were great patrons.

Fingerless mitten-glove

Whore-prostitute, whore

-Narcotic substance that causes sleepiness and relaxation (opium, chloroform, marijuana ...)

Foul-producing nausea or vomiting

Ghoul "that feeds on corpses

Necropolis cemetery

Person who negligently inattentive to what makes

Triviality, unimportant trifle. Eg That you said was a trifle.

Esoteric-hidden secret. It is an esoteric religion

Steeple bell formed by a wall with openings for bells

Length-Length of a ship. He has twenty meters

Minion-employed by another person to perform acts of violence. He arrived with his henchmen mobster

Person skeptical doubts or not believing in certain things. I am skeptical of these measures is a skeptic of Medicine

Sterile, that bears no fruit. That produces nothing

Footstool-dock where the feet are supported sitting

Exhume, unearth. The judge ordered the body exhumed

Leisure-related game

Tragic, sad, funeral worthy of tears. Ex was a tragic event

Longevity-living many years

Saddler-person working the leather

Bakery-oven bakery

Natural-Teruel Teruel

Tramoya-machine used in theater to change the setting or produce any special effect.

Minor trivial

Trephine-operation whereby pierce the skull

Place-name-Name of place / inhabitants

Tremulous tremulously

Outrage-outrage, violent act done by abuse of power

Gambler-player cheat / skilled player (especially cards)

Keel-piece that goes from bow to stern on the bottom of the boat

Quorum-number of persons required to make an agreement or decision

-Misogynist who hates women

Bitingly critical of malignity and ingenuity with

Mitra-cap and high end finish using bishops

Misanthrope who does not want the company of men Hermit

Pouty-face or gesture

Sephardi (Sephardic) - Spanish-Jewish

Lance-make a cut in the flesh

Secondary assist or cooperate with someone in your projects

Sedentary "That does not move from one place

Secession, being separated from a nation of its territory

Touchy-touchy, tetchy

Shroud-cloth in which a corpse is wrapped

Suspicious-prone to suspect or distrust

Sudden sudden -


Atalaya-Tower or the high place where you can watch it

Golden-gold. Golden age of painting

Analgesic-drug which removes, softens or mitigates pain

Shelf-shelf to hold or put things

Spur (spur)-Spur a single tip / encouragement, motivation The bike is the incentive to study

Cleft lip-horse or other animals like

Belligerent-which is at war with another. It is a belligerent country.

Bison-rookie, new, inexperienced. It is a fledgling writer

Fork-Division in two ways. The road forked

Polishing or burnishing, polishing the metal. It is a burnished shield

Buenos Aires Buenos Aires-natural

Boat-show of wealth. Living with much pomp

Hagiography-biography of a saint

Hyssop-utensil used in the church to spread holy water

Shaggy-haired scattered and hard

Liver-that has to do with the liver. Eg hepatic

Hermaphrodite-that holds the two sexes

Hilarious laughter-provoking. Ex was a hilarious situation

Omniscient-he knows everything

Omnivore who eats everything "

Oligarchy-power in a few


Ornithology-part of zoology dealing with birds

Hollow-empty space in a solid

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