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1)1-weather 2-call 3-go 4-ticket 5-soaking 6-fog

2)1-mysterious 2-original 3-impression 4-tragic 5-possibility 6-friendship

3)1-hired a car 2-signed up 3-ran offwith 4-win an argument 5-set a date 6-run into


4)1-Who were you talking to ? 2-Everyone must have gone out 3-By the time I arrived, she had already left

5)1-If he doesn't have to work, he'll have dinner with us 2-I saw the film after I had read the book 3-I f I knew how, I would help you 4-He might have missed the train

6) 1-created 2-must have been 3-carried 4-published 5-grew 6-couldn't get 7-printed 8-were waiting 9-have helped 10-are able to 11-consider 12-solve 13-open 14-will probably find 15-seems


1)1-wipe out 2-essential 3-tucked away 4-souvenir 5-remote

2)1-c 2-b

3)1-promising them that she will text them on her arrival and email them every other day 2-were purchased in the online Outdoor Adventure shops

4)1-T 2-F


1)1-T-I've spent hours at the local camping shop 2-F-She googles London, Paris,Prague and Barcelona, her chosen destinations 3-F-google mobile-free holidays to find a list of remote locations

2)1-wipe out 2-nervous 3-turcked away 4-enable

3)queda mu semao hacerlo xd

4)1-promising them that she will text ... Igual que el otro del 1  2-you'll end up backpacking in a place where your mobile pone won't work

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