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5.Until Sveral years ago the main piece in the process of T-L was he teacher.S/he has The task of passing over knowledge to the S.Moreover theT made decisions about What workS as to do an the role of theS was reduced to lsten and take Notes.However currtnly theT profile has changed was changes although there isn´t UniqueT profile.Now I´m going to speak about similituds and dif btween foreing LngT and a CLIL T:On the onehand a FLT is who teaches a FL. So s/he should have A scienftific knowledge of the FL in which they specialize;that is they should Be able to fnction professionally efficientl independently and creatively in The FL.So  s/he should have linguistic Knowledge,teaching knwldge and institutionl cmpetncs.Moreover they need to have A personal charcterstics suc as to be able to work independently and Co-operativly to dvelop intrprsonal abilities and attitudinal cmpetnce and to Accept mlticltural dversity among other.In myopinion I believe that an imxtant Aspect which Tshould dvelop is a 

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