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UN-first there was the league of nations, founded aprox. On 1920, it was one of the principal factor to the ending of ww1, its first mission was to preserve peace.After this, there was the atlantic charter, created in 1941 on board of a ship navegating somewhere on the alantic, it was signed by franklin roosevelt and winston churchill, this was a series of principles that iniciated the UNCh, in 1945 after ww2 to prevent another conflict. Main Organs-General Assembly(the only un body with universal representation,annual GA session to attend important matters, simple mayority),Security Council(maintenance of int. Peace and securitu, 15 members, 5 permanent 10 non,)Economic social c(coordination, policy review and dialogue, recomendations 

on ecoo. Soc. Environ. Issues.)Trusteeship c(was destined to prepare several territories, and affirm if they were ready to self government or independence, suspended operations in 1994)Int, Court of J(judicial organ, only one out of ny, netherlands, its role is to settle using int law as guide, legal disputes).Secretariat(secretary general and staff).Ban Ki Moon(south korea, til 2007-2016 was 8th secretary general), Antonio Guterres is the 9th, fom portugal.Obj-maintain int. Pece, develop friedly relations, cooperate in solving problems.Millenium to sust.-the agenda finished.

Sust. DG-1No Poverty(ensure all people, in particuar the poor and vulnerable, have equal rights to economic resources)2zero hunger(end all forms of malnutrition)3good health( reduce maternal mort., prevent epidemics, support research)4qual. Educ (increace amount of people with relevant skills, univ, primary educ) 5Gend equality(end all forms of dicrimination, eliminate violence against women)6clean water and sanit.(universal acces to drinking water, adequate hygiene).7clean energy(affotable energy sources, expand infrastructure). 8economic growth(productivity, efficiency in consumption, erradicate forced labour).9industry and innovation( sust. Infras. Increase share of employment, upgrade technologies)

10red. Inequalities(empowe inclusion of all, adopt policies to social protection) 11sust. Cities(aces to safe tranpot, support least devel. Countres) 12resp. Consumpton(management of chemicals and all wastes) 13climate action(improve awareness, implement commitment) 14life below water( protect marine and coastal ecosystems, avoid significant impacts, regulate certain forms of fisheries) 15life on land(conservation and restoration of all types of ecosystems) 16strong institutions(end abuse, explotation, trafficking and all form of violence). 17partnership for the goals( implement full development assistance, increment transfer of technologies, promote universal trade systems).

Syrian Conflict-after the arab spring, peaceful protests started in Syria as well, one kid was killed and tortured , Syrian government (al-Assad) responded to the protests by killing hundreds of people. Causes(initially lack of freedom and public anger, successfull uprisings in egypt,Proxy war-conflict between two sates or non state, neither entity directly engages the other, botha parts use external resources to somehow attack the interests of the other part).USEP-announcement of intentions to run, primary and caucus debates, parties hold nominating conventions to choose their candidates, presidential debates with candidates, election day, electors vote in the electoral college, congress counts electoral votes, results.

Race-groups of people who have differences and similarities in biological traits, common heritage or sharing lineage. Racism-discrimination and prejuice towards people based on their race and ethnicity, three levels(institutionalized racism, personally mediated racism,internalized) Antiquity-G ideology, greeks barbarians, non greeks slaves, they would not be racist in terms of skin color, they were inclusive with culture, however some were nationalists. E-Blacks slaves, whites servants,

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