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4 parts of the wage statement: Header, Accruals, Deductions, contribution base: Title: Company, employee, time period. 2 - Accruals: character Perperciones wage: wage is considered the totality of workers' economic perceptions. Base salary: the worker's pay is fixed per unit of time or amount is obra.Su established wage agreements colectivos.Complementos: Amounts to be added to the basic wage and are set according to various circumstancias.Pueden be: Personal , the workplace, by amount of work, more than one month maturity, in species. Personal Accessories: Age, language, subtitles, etc.. Workplace: difficulty, toxicity, dangerous. Time, Responsibility: Liability and premium dedicacion.Nocturnidad: 10 to 6 night = specific fee. Incentives: In the case of workers who are required to superior performance to that considered as usual, can claim an income Extremely economico.Horas: those which an employee exceeding the maximum length of normal working hours fixed in accordance with Article 35 of ET. Extra payments: The worker is entitled to two extraordinary payments per year.

3 - Accruals: indmnizaciones or supplied: currency breakdown, wear of tools, work clothes, travel costs, travel expenses, plus distance, plus transportation.

Allowances for the purposes of quotation: plus transportation allowances: Overnight: 52.29 € Spain, No overnight stay: € 26.14 Spain, flying personnel: Spain: 36.06.

Travel Costs: Amount of public expenditure justified, 0.17 € / km route, toll charges and more car parks justified.

Quebranto Currency: The rates quoted Exed IPREM 20% of monthly.

Catering: Exempt quote the amount to 7,81 € per day.

Aparteee Exercises:

Common Contingencies: .... X 4.7% Unemployment: .... X 1.55% Professional training: .... X 0'01%

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