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provocative -  tending to provoke a response

prudent -  careful, cautious

querulous -  complaining, irritable

rancorous -  bitter, hateful

reclusive -  preferring to live in isolation

reconciliation -  the act of agreement after a quarrel, the resolution of a dispute

renovation -  repair, making something new again

resilient -  quick to recover, bounce back

restrained -  controlled, repressed, restricted

reverence - worship, profound respect

sagacity - wisdom

scrutinize - to observe carefully

spontaneity -  impulsive action, unplanned events

spurious -  lacking authenticity, false

submissive -  to submit to the will of others

substantiate -  to verify, confirm

subtle -  hard to detect or describe; perceptive

superficial -  shallow, lacking in depth

superfluous -  extra, more than enough, redundant

suppress -  to end an activity

surreptitious -  secret, stealthy

tactful -  considerate, skillful in acting to avoid offense to others

tenacious -  determined, keeping a firm grip on

transient -  temporary, short-lived, fleeting

venerable -  respected because of age

vindicate -  to clear from blame or suspicion

wary -  careful, cautious

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