Water cycle

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(exam4)1:hydrologic cycle=describe the path water,moves land, ocean, atmosphere/2:seawater=97.2%/3:stream/12:zone saturation=point where 100%of the pore spaces are filled with water/16:best aquitard=shale material/18:connection between climate and geologic process=heavy rainfall trigger debris flow/19:cryosphere=ice and snow existed on earth/20:shells= made out of CaCO3/21:shore=area from lowest tide to highest elevation/22:coast=area of ocean-related features from the water inland/23:coastline=marks the seaward edge of the coast/24:wave height=vertical distance between trough and crest/25:wavelenght=horizontal distance between succesive crest/26:shoreline=marks the contac between land and sea/27:bending of waves=refraction/33:aquitard=impermeable layer that prevents flow/34:confined aquifer=rock or regolith store and transmit water, but it contained between two impermeable layers/35:unconfined aquifer=and receives its recharge directly from atmosphere/36;geyser=intermittent hot springs/37:mudspot=type of hot spring contains boiling mud/38:hot spring=water in a basin that is 6-9 warmer than the mean anual temperature of the location/40;dissolved load=ions dispersed throughout the flow/41:bedload=larger sediments that bounce, roll, or slide along the bottom/43;delta=form where streams enter large lakes or oceans/44:levee=formed by floodwaters on either side of a stream/45:alluvial fan= formed by mountain streams emerging onto a flat plain/46:bar=small deposits that form in the stream channel/50:nitrogen and oxygen make up majority of the atmosphere

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