The wavelengths of a radio signal with a frequency

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·A mass Attached to a spring vibrates back and forth. At the equilibrium position, the
velocity reaches a maximum

·For A system in simple harmonic motion, which of the following is the number of Cycles or vibrations per unit of time?

·The highness or lowness of a sound is perceived as a

·The Doppler Effect occurs with
all waves

·Which Portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is used in a television?
Radio waves

·In a Vacuum, electromagnetic radiation of short wavelengths
a. Travels as fast as radiation of long wavelengths.

·Which of The following best describes the image produced by a flat mirror?
C. Virtual, upright, and magnification equal to one

·What type Of mirror is used whenever a magnified image of an object is needed?
Convex mirror

·Part of a Pencil that is placed in a glass of water appears bent in relation to the part Of the pencil that extends out of The water. What is this phenomenon called?

·The _____ Of light can change when light is refracted because the medium changes.

·What type Of image does a converging lens produce?
C. Real or virtual

·If two Lightbulbs are placed side by side, no interference is observed because
b. Incandescent light is incoherent

·The Process of charging a conductor by bringing it near another charged object and The grounding the conductor is Called

·Which of The following is NOT true for both gravitational and electric forces?
Forces are either attractive or repulsive.

·What term Is used to describe a perfect radiator and absorber of electromagnetic Radiation?
D. Blackbody

1.How many Nodes and antinodes?

a phenomenon that occurs when the frequency of a force applied to a system Matches the natural frequency of vibration of the system, resulting in a large Amplitude of vibration

3.How does While light passing through a prism produce a visible spectrum?
Refraction happens as light enters and leaves a prism. Red light is Refracted the least and violet light is refracted the most. This causes the Different colors in the light to spread out to form a spectrum. Separating the Colors like this is called dispersion.

4.List the Four fundamental interactions and their corresponding particles in order from Weakest to strongest.
Gravitational, weak nuclear, electromagnetic, strong nuclear

5.List three Ways to induce a current in a circuit loop using only a magnet
1. Place it in a changing magnetic field; 2. Change the area of the loop; 3. Change the orientation of the loop with respect to the magnetic field.

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