Weather and its relations with other sciences

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studying the land divided into three layers: lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.
Physics: The weather is linked to physics because it uses the laws of dynamics, optics, electricity, etc. to explain the processes occurring in the atmosphere.
Mathematics: The mathematics provides a convenient and powerful method of expressing physical ideas.
Oceanography: The atmosphere is extended and flows through the ocean and receives much of the energy through the water evaporated from the oceans.
Geography The weather is related to geography, because the atmospheric processes are different in various geographical conditions.
Hydrology Hydrology is the science which investigates and examines all aspects of water in nature. Discusses the occurrence, distribution and circulation of water on earth
Climatology: The Meteorology and Climatology are disciplines that share the same object of study (The admosfera) but at the same time differ. meteorology studies the causes, structure, nature, evolution and relationship of the weather, The weather, meanwhile, is a science that takes the information from each of the major periods of meteorological variables for mean values, normal frequencies, etc.

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