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My weekend:

I did many things last weekend;
On friday, I returned from Paris with my classmates, after landing in Santiago´s airport, we went to the school. There I met my family, I missed them. On saturday, I was very tired, so I slept all day, but  at night I went to my friend´s house to celebrate her 16th birthday. And finally, on Saturday I ate with my friends, and after eating I went home, I had too much to study!
In the future the technology will help us:
The progress of the human race, mainly in genetics, will be a big oportunity for a long life: the artificial intelligenci will be self-cleaning and we will get clean energy thought nature (wind, sea, sun) in the diary live. The houses will be made wich natural materials and they will recycle all the things. The travels to the moon will be easy and cheap, and part of the people will live there

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