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My first job was as a football coach, I remember I was 15 and trained children who where 5 years old, it was a great satisfaction for me, I loved it.

We trained 2 days per weekend and the salary represented this, but I realized there are more important things to value such as to value children as they see you as an idol.

I learned more from them than they did from me and I felt proud when we won the  games.

I remembered when we finished just the season, the kids gave me a shirt and a card signed by all of them.

Now they are27 years old and I’m even  friends with many of them, and this I’m very proud of. This work one of the things I'm most proud.


The best holiday  I had been a trip to  New York. I was in such a great city three years ago, I remember I was in early January and it very cold, and the city charmed me. I on the plane was for over 12 hours but it was worth.

I loved New York streets, its skyscrapers, its people, its buildings, its culture .... Everything!

It is a city as described in the movies! To my city S.XXI.

I recommend that everyone goes because it's worth paying to see its culture, its people and  customs ...

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