Welding procedure

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Welding process in general, should 1. Complete union with the minimum possible number of passes and the electrode diameter, rod or wire possibility.2 maximum. Perform welding is faster, reducing heat aportado.3. Start by soldering the joints which cause contraction máxima.4. Preheat the pieces to prevent rapid cooling, thus allowing the pieces to fit the volume changes produced by heat, reducing tensions and deformaciones.5. Progress in welding symmetrically, so that each pass counteract the deformations caused by the previous one. Footage welding welding sequence is the order in which they are made ​​and the last cords welding. Sequences can be used to lessen the strain. Pilgrim-step sequence is an easy method to reduce distortion during welding. It thus avoids the effect of closing plates, which otherwise would tend to reduce the gap in the root. Is to perform each pass in the opposite direction of progress of welding. Is mainly used: - On long joints. - In the first passes of thick. - Where welds crossings occur. - Areas of great efforts and great responsibility. Unions angle - Position angle before welding reinforcements when necessary to avoid angular deformities. - If the piece is thick, use the passage of pilgrims. - Solder the center to the free ends .- Run welding using minimal heat and filler metal. - Flanged piece is to avoid closing the gap in the root during welding when the plates come together, this can be corrected in some cases reversing the direction of welding, this will start the new cord to about 50-75 mm end of the previous.

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