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¡Escribe tu texto aquí!Nowadays everybody is aware of who William Shakespeare was. Even if you have not read any of his plays, you already know the plot of some of them because of the several versions and allusions that cinema and series have done. Nevertheless, to what extent do you think we know about him? William Shakespeare was born in 1564. He was an English dramatist, poet and actor. He was venerated in his times although his reputation did not reach the maximum levels until the end of the nineteenth century. Whereas other dramatists from his same epoch, such as Thomas Kyd and Christopher Marlowe, were reaching new heights, a gap occurred in Shakespeare’s life and he did not reappear until 1593 when he was already a famous dramatist and one of the most renowned actors of London. That's why there is a legend which said that he is not the real author of the works. Nobody knows what he did during this gap and how he returned already become into a widely-known actor and dramatist. In this period, The Elizabethan Theatre predominated and it reached it’s maximum splendour due to the Shakespeare dramatic plays and his inventiveness of being able to criticize the society of the time.

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