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Many authors considered great geniuses of literature have passed into
the background now,. Others, however, have a large audience and
seemingly endless. This is the case of Shakespeare, whose works are
still alive in our language, our culture and our society.

Shakespeare's footprint is everywhere, from West Side Story to the
work of Agatha Christie inspired by Hamlet, The Mousetrap. His works
continue to entertain millions of people, because viewers who sold
tickets to see Benedict Cumberbatch playing Hamlet this year.

If we focus on current television series we see in many of them
influences of Shakespeare. The same monologues and long speeches that
we see in characters like Hamlet now appear in series like Game of
Thrones or The Sopranos, or treatment of the evil of an almost heroic
like Breaking Bad or Dexter character evoke the protagonist evil of
such a Shakespearean character as Richard III. We also see influences
of Shakespeare in film.

 Woody Allen takes from Romeo and Juliet the use of desire as dramatic
engine for his films "Match Point" or the frantic principles based on
the dialogues as in 'Manhattan". Alfred Hitchcock is one of the great
directors influenced by Shakespeare from the application of the maxim
that "the bad guys were more interesting than the good guys' in films
like 'Strangers on a Train'. The reference list is endless.

Beyond the great gift of language, representation of our history, its
continued influence on our culture and its training capacity we find
an autor who is a gifted man of immense imagination, creativity
without borders and an instinct of humanity spanning the entire human
experience as no one has ever done before or since.

As well Borges wrote in Everything and Nothing, "no one was as many
men as the man who, like the Egyptian Proteus could exhaust all the
appearances of being."

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