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Prime Minister of England

Who is the prime minister of england?:
Prime Minister of England David Cameron and now them I'll them on he.
David Cameron:
David william donald cameron was born london on octuber 9 1966 (naintin sixty-six) . He grew up in peasemore near newbury berkshire his father name s donald cameron and his mother name is mary fleur mount 
the life david cameron 
David Studies:
david was seven years when entered the heatherdown preparatory school a private school located in Winkfield his thriteen years entered  preparatory of the most prestigious where was related in May 1983 (one thousand nine hundred and eighty three) with a marijuana case
in london he works as director of communications of the company cariton communications until 2001 he became deputy for the constituency of witney in 2003 he joined the cabinet of the opposition and becomes vice president of the match. David finally graduated in 1984. An income after time Oxford University Study also Brasenose College where he graduated with honors in Politics, Economics and Philosophy.

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