Right wingopposition to constitution of the second republic ofSpain

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Primo de Rivera`s dictactorship(1923-1930)-Military directory(1923-1925)-Civilian Directory(1925-1930)-1930Beneger new election→municipal,provincial,central goverm. 4.The second republic: 4.1The establishment of the republic:The constitution of 1931 was very advanced,established freedom of expression&of association,popular sovereignty&universal suffrage,including women.It recornized,the separation betw church&the state &regionalautonomy.Reformist Period(1931-1933) Reforms:-Military:reduction officers,creation of Guardia de Asalto.-Structure of State:created decentralization(autonomy for catalonya)-Agrarian ref:1-confiscate 2-distribute -Working laws:working day,leaves-Religious:reduction of number,banned from education.-Education:provision of teachers,educational centres.The popular front:led by Santiago Casares,decreed an amnesty for the polit prisioners of the 1934 revoluti&reinstated reforms.The tragic Spring of 1936 was a polit confrontation that caused street fights,attacks&assesinations betw Falangistas,communists&anarchists.

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