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Solemne 1

1)-I am going to fly - I have Travelled –I went – I usually visit – I didn’t have – I am saving       

– I didn’t take – are going

2)- I haven’t finished – peter didn’t send – but I always do – today don’t be- Charles isn’t coming – he isn’t working

3)Why don’t we move some tables outside

-Lets going To see a film at the cinema

-What about Move some tables outside

-You have to take some suncream because the sun

-He Might be her brother but..

-No, I don’t have to take cash because


-Lets study together on Friday (im not afraid )

-What about studing together on Friday (ok, all Right

-Why don’t we study togheter on Friday (i agree Study on friday)

-How about studing together on Friday ( I would Rather study tomorrow)

-Will we study together on Friday( I agree study Together on Friday)

5)can you ring – it can be – 9.00, but I have to arrive – you could get taxi – but you ought go another day – would you like you go – I cant imagine.


-Have you ever seen that movie? No I haven’t seen that movie

-What are ther talking about? We are talking about the crisis in The middle east

-How long the meeting lasted? The meeting lasted 3 hours

-Where are you going tomorrow? I am going to algarrobo tomorrow

-Whose is it bag? It´s john´s bag

-Who prepared that report ? Jennifer prepared that report

-Why didn’t you buy it? I didn’t buy it because it was too Expensive

Audio 1

1)What reason does the girl give for Needing a cellphone? She can call family In case of an emergency

2)What is one major feature of the Calling plan? 1000 free weekday minutes

3)What is the tern of service for this Plan? 6 months

Audio 2

-What Is the first problem with the man’s reservation? The hotel confused him with Another guest

-How Does mr nelson respond when the hotel clerk offer to provide him with a free Room on his next visit? He implies that he might not visit again because of the Problems he has had

Audio 3

-What Is the man trying to return to the sotre? A sweater

-What Does the store clerk not offer to do for the man? Return his money

-FALSE According to the customer the store policies reasonable

Audio 4

-Does The man get this call in the morning? YES

-What Product or service is the telemarketer promoting ? a membership to a sports club

-TRUE mr jones is the woman called

-TRUE the sport club is downtown

-FALSE the man has his own fitness program

-Why Does the man turn down the offer? He doesn’t Need the service being provided 

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