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Ex 1.
1: May; 2: don't have to; 3: might; 4: can't; 5: can; 6: must
Ex 2.
1: are staying
2: has / started
   has / done.
3 had happened / arrived
4 puts / is wearing
5 hasnt rained
6 had finished
7 was watching
Ex 3.
(Reported spech)
1 ... That he couldnt talk to me then.
2 ... That we hadnt seen all the film the previous day.
3 ... That I had to do the washing up.
4 ... That his car had been stolen.
1. Doesnt listen; 2. Had; 3. Were; 4. Hadnt come.
4 Ex.
1- will see; 2- is called; 3- was created; 4- would / fall; 5- inclued; 6- was completed; 7- werent; 8- will be considered.
5 Ex. (Osorik kopija)
1 He goes to a film school WHERE you can study directing.
2 The book was written by a woman WHO saw the volcano erupt.
3 The museums stands in the centre of Bilbao WHICH was built by Frank Gehry.
4 These is Mr jones WHOSE son won the championship last year.
6 Ex. (Negritaz daona ya idatzita dao)
1 I may go to the cinema tomorrow.
2 After she had fixed the car, she drove it.
3 Very interesting paintings were showned in the Reina Sofia Museum.
4 If I werent tired I will go.
5 Students mustn't eating in the classroom.
6  Julie used to sing beautifully when she was young.
7 Ex. (Negritaz daona ya idatzita dao)
a) I enjoy going on trips.
b) My family is planning totravel to china these summer.
c) reading is one of my favourite activities.
d) I can't stand shopping.

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