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The film is based on a script written by X. The developement of the film starts in 1994 with X's idea, but later the film was shot and it was realased in 2009. The film won 3 Oscars, 2 Golden Globes, in total 71 awards.
It is an science fiction American film with great many special effects. It starts Sam Worththington as Jake Sully. It is set in the year 20145, and the story takes place in Pandora, a moon of Polifeno Planet, where there live a humanoid race called na'vi. Humans have a conflict with this other race and there is a war between them. The protagonist is a USA marine permanently paralysed and he takes part in a project that transports the sciencist minds to some artificial bodies of navi's, trying to facilitate the communication with this residents of Pandora.
He has to learn how to live in this other world so different from the Earth. He falls in love with a navi's woman and he has a conflict whith himself. He needs to fight with humans combating navi's but he feels better with the communitiy of the navi's because they have tought him how to live with respect and with spirituality that he had not found in humans.
I strongly recommend Avatar because I consider it has a good message to us: the futur can be terrible but it depends on us.
From my perspective the film has a clear lesson to teach; te future is in oour hands and we musn't dominate all the nature for our own benefits or we will lose all the bautiful things of the worl trying to win a nonense war.

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