The woman who disappeared

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chapter 11

1-how did bobby feel on saturday,after the money disappeared,and what does he want to do now?
he feet too bad,he eanted to find the thief
2-mr penny wanted to phone the police,why didn't bobby want this?
he felt responsible for losing the money and he wanted to try and find it
3-why did bobby think that stole the money?
because he had round glasses and often had a pen behind his ear
chapter 12
1-in devon,what financial help did the project receive?
a tour bus company donated the transport,and the restaurant and shops in the area also give money
2-why was lisa worried?
because the other teens were making so much money
3-when the newspaper team won the trip to paris,what was helen's reaction?
the newspaper team worted a lot x
4-what "prizes" dis bobby,helen and lisa get?
helen appeaned on tv and talked about gregory and the fundraising project lisa and helen were models for the new young clothes shop bobby offered a job in the restaurant
5-why did helen's parents give her a ticket to california?
because they didn't want to go holiday,they stayed at home and prepared gregory for year two,also was a thank you for all his help with gregory during the year and they were really proud os his work on the fundaising project.

agreed:asintio                                    frightened:asustada
alone:sola                                          full time:tiempo completo
appear in court:presentarse a declarar-fund:reserva
bake:hacer en el horno                      fundraising:colecta
brushed:se cepillo                             headmistress:directora
cool:guay                                          hide:esconderse
costume:traje de disfraces                  is missing:desaparecido
dark circles:ojeras                              is over:haya terminado
deaf:sordo                                        lazy:vago
didn't try:no intentar                           leisure centre:centro de ocio
doing my hair:peinarme                      lie:mentir
doorbell:timbre                                  lifts:ascensores
easter:semana santa                           narrow:estrechas
fair:justo                                            proudly:con urgullo
fine:multa                                           punishment:castigo
for freee:gratis                                    rehearsals:ensayos
freedom:libertad                                safe:caja fuerte
several:varios                                     shouted:gritaron
straight:bien                                      success:exito
suntans:bronceados                          sure:segura
tasted:sabía                                      tiring:cansado
trun:darse la vuelta                            upset:disgustada
warehouse:almacen                          were jealous:sentir envidia
will it take:durará

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