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Hello, i'm going to talk about that happend last Monday
To start, this Monday, I went to work as only Monday
When i was on my way to work, I remembered that i needed to buy some books that i needed to work and i went to the bank to get money.
When i was near the bank i heard people scream and i got scared, all of a sudden. I saw a man leaving the bank running, this man had a gun in this hand and a big bag. This mon robed a lot of money from de bank.
The man ran very fast and I didn't have crime to see him, i only saw what the was wearing.. He was wearing a black t-shirt, black trousers and a black cao.
If I had seen the man, I would have helped the police but I didn't have time to see him. If the police had been around the bank, they would have caught the thif. After five minutes, I went into the bank to see ig anyone needed help, the people were very scared, and then i called the police.
When the police arrived, the director of the bank told him what happened and i told him what i had seen. The director said that if the man is hadn't been so violent he would have tried to talk to him.
When the police asked if someone could describe the man, a woman told the police that she was very scared to see him but he looked like a tall and strong man.
The police told us they were going to investigate and that they would call us if they found it. Often scare, I will never forget

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