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Lenny Samuel is a private detective. His office is on the west side of Los Angeles on the fourth floor of a high building. He is asked by a woman to do a job for her at 50 dollars a day. The woman, Helen Garfield, wants him to find her sister Elaine who disappeared. She doesn't want him to have contact with the police and she doesn't want to say why. Lenny starts with an investigation and visits Elaine's apartment. There was no one home so he opened the door and walked in. He saw that the most of her clothes were gone and that isn't what normally happens when people 'disappear'. Just when he wants to leave the apartment he sees that two men are standing outside the door. He tries to close the door but one of the men puts his foot out to stop the door closing. They hit him in his face and he falls to the ground, senseless. Later he goes to the office where Elaine worked. Her colleague tells him that Elaine often went to the Las Cabanas Club where she met a man called Benny Greep. When Lenny goes to Benny's apartment he finds him dead in the bathtub. He calls the police and they take him to the police office. He tells that he didn’t kill Benny but they don't believe him. Later the police let him go, but he doesn't know why. The police begin to investigate about Helen and find out there is no Helen Garfield at all. Lenny is surprised to hear that and the next time he meets “Helen” he tells her that the police told him that Helen Garfield doesn't exist. Then she tells him the whole story. Her name is Elaine Garfield and she often went to the Las Cabanas Club to see Benny Greep, who was a musician in the band there. Two men, obviously criminals, always came to Las Cabanas with big bags. But when they left they weren’t carrying bags. So she asked Benny about the men. Benny said that there were a lot of strange things happening at Las Cabanas and that it was dangerous to ask questions.

One night one of the men was sitting at the table next to Elaine. He was talking with someone and he opened the bag he was carrying. Elaine was sitting close to him that and she saw what was in the bag. It was full of diamonds and jewellery. She told Benny about the bag. They decided to steal one of the bags and hide it in her apartment. When the two men found out they were missing a bag Elaine moved into a hotel and came to see Lenny. She told him that her sister was disappeared to make sure she was safe because Lenny was often in her neighbourhood. The story ends well-the criminals are arrested and there are no more mysteries. But poor Lenny doesn’t get paid.

Lenny Samuel: He is a private eye and very intelligent. His reactions are very cool. For example: when he is being arrested for murder he does not think it is a big problem.
Helen Garfield: The women who asks Lenny to find her sister. She is also smart but she is also a liar. She is a beautiful woman (picture).
Sergeant Murphy: A boring old bold person who doesn’t like private detectives. He isn’t very smart but in the end he does the right thing by arresting the criminals.

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