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Language Activation: The different languages in the multilingual mind can be activated to the different levels> *Selected: To be used *Active: can play some influence *Dormant : without any influence. If a language is highly activated it can be more easily selected during production and, thus be the source language in CLI. 

COGNATES: Learners can use their L1 vocabulary knowledge to identify, interpret and use the TL vocabulary. Cognates or CrossL cognates are words pairs in two different languages that share both meanings (translation equivalets) and form (phonolo and orthog similarity) 
3 types of cognates 1. Words that are phonologically similar and orthographically identical 2. Words that are ph similar and ort different 3. False cognates words are ph and ort similar but not related in meaning e.G embarrassed - embarazada. *cognates are easier to learn than non-cogantes*

Languages switches *Borrowing- There's a woman that saw all the escena (scene) 
*Editing terms- She ran away but she bueno stopped with a man (well) 
Meta-comments- A man sees her and follows her and she no sé como se dice choca. 
*Insert implicit elicit- In this time the man that was catch the first time goes to a cafeteria and takes a lot of food 
*Lexical invention: they're eating huge piece of meat a bisteak (steak)
*False cognates- and then he presents himself (introduces) 
*Lexemic self repairs- He doesn't pay the com com I don't know (how how) 

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