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Write the Words for the definitions.

1-clean Shaven 2-remote 3-sympathetic 4-apologize 5-exhausted 6-delicious

Complete the Sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in the box. There are two verbs You don’t need.

1-get 2-broke down 3- didn’t set off 4-tells 5-warned 6-left

Complete The second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first sentence. Use The bold words.

1-I`m Saving up to buy a car. 2- He told me to calm down. 3-I cout depend  on my sister to help me with my homework 4- We stopped around  before making our Choice.

Complete the Sentences with a word formed from the bold words.

1-      1-Decision  2- truth 3- Knowledgeable 4-congratulations

Complete The blog with the words in the list.

1-      1-Shouldn’t have 2-Was stolen 3-would Have been 4-could 5-had to 6- ‘ve been 7-‘ve decided 8-‘re staying 9-would stay 10-won’t last 11- ‘s going to 12- ‘ll travel 13-offered.

Complete The email with the correct form of the bold verbs.

1-      1-Will be leaving   2-am spending  3- go   4-hadn’t never visited 5-went 6-didn’t live

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