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1_ 1º-Use the word begin, (begins); 2º- call(calls); 3º-fix (will fix); 4º- increase (will increase); 5º-learn (will learn); 6º- meet & give (meet, will give); 7º- do & produce (will do); 8º- think & succeed ( think, will succeed); 9º- use & to be (use, will be ), 10º- see, visit (will see, visit); 2_ 1º- I will ask him when he wants it; 2º- I go to SF, you willbw jet bagged for a few days; 3º- I will get tired, If she arrives late again, 4º- I wan't have ani problems getting haere if they take a taxi; 5º- I don't get pagment this week, we won't ship the next order; 6º- I wont get the shipment out if we don't woer overtime; 7º- We don't accpet this offer, they won't make a better one; 8º- We'll be late if we don't hurry. Pag 33 nº 1, a= August 3, b= $2468, 75, c= yes, he has; d= Buy the end of the month. Pag 36 nº 1, a=i; b=k; c=b; d=l; e=j; f=g, Pag 37 nº 2- 1A, there, aren't, any, pillows, 1B, I'll, send, some, to, your, room,, right away, 2A, The, air con, isn't, working, 2B, I'll, send, someome, right, away. 1-  1 ...As possible, 2 ...Situation claarly, 3 ...Suggest, 4 do not apologize, 5 be polite.

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