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Taller n° 1.

I.Select the correct form of the verbs in parentheses

1)Marissa wants to study another Career

2)Jonathan would like to livein New York City.

3)David likes dance Very much

4)Rita enjoys workout In her free time

5)Miriam hates wash the dishes

II. Re-arrange the sentences

1)Dylan like would to travel To Peru

2)I want buy a car new

3)Clarissa enjoys to going Movies

4)Carlos hates playing Sports

III. Correct the mistakes and write The correct sentence

Taller n° 2.

I. Complete the paragraphs. Use future With Will and Be Going to.

When I grow up i will Be a footballer a really good one. I'm in the school team and I play three Times a week. But I will train very hard, every day, so i can be Really, really good. First i be going toplay For manchester united, then inter milan, and then real madrid. Those are my Favorite teams. I be going totravel All over the world and i will be famous. I be going tonot get married until i'm very old about 25. Then I want to have two sons. I will play football until I’m 35 that’s a very Long time. And i will teach my sons to play. I want them to be famous Footballers, too.

III. Change these sentences into Negative. 

        1.is not going to sleep a lot toninght

        2.she is not a great singer

        3.are not going to travel to mexico

        4.are not going to work hard next week

        5.is not going to visit his mother next Saturday

IV. Write questions to these answers.

          1.Where will the party for your birthday

          2.How many years will meet Joshua  

          3.When are they going to travel

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